Aitor Berziartua Arruabarena, Ander Iriarte Álvarez
At the Basque Culinary Center, 5 young talented students of cutting-edge gastronomy from all over the world will go back to the past to create the menu Bihar dok 13. They will travel to 1966 to discover the decade that would change everything in Basque culture. With five special events, we will discover the movements Gaur, Ez dok amairu and the spiritual father of the BCC, the Basque Nouvelle Cuisine. The “Bihar dok amairu” menu prepared by the young chefs will be served during a special meal and enjoyed by the most relevant personalities in Basque culture today, uniting new artists and musicians. The old generation will symbolically open the door to the new.

Aitor Berziartua Arruabarena

Aitor Bereziartua began his career earning merits at Teledonosti and Mondragon Unibersitatea, or in films like Las brujas de Zugarramurdi(Witching & Bitching). In 2015 he became involved in editing and camera work for ETB, and in 2016 directed the short film Lisbeth. (2017).

Ander Iriarte Álvarez

Ander Iriarte participated as a director in the anthology film Los inocentes, premiered at the Sitges Festival. He has also directed the documentaries Echevarriatik Etxeberriara (2014), 40/24 Txiki eta Otaegiren ondarea (2015) and 20N, el día de la impunidad (2015), as well as the short films Otsoko (2014) Sumud (Mundu bat) (2015) and Emarri (2018).

– Festival internacional de San Sebastian Culinary Zinema
– Festival Culinary de Medellin

  • Original title Bihar Dok 13
  • Director Aitor Berziartua Arruabarena, Ander Iriarte Álvarez
  • Duration 73
  • Production year 2018
  • Theme History, Gastronomy
  • Aspect 16:9 letterbox
  • Format DCP
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer REC & MIROKUTANA
  • Dialogue language Spanish, Basque
  • Subtitle language English
  • Intérpretes Chem Wei, Maria Torrecillas, Pau Rull, Jordi Bross, Maria Zibara, Jose Mari Aizega, Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana, Jon Echeverria Plazaola, Oreka Tx, Eneritz Furyak, Andoni Egaña, Joseba Irazoki, Ion Lopez, Mikel Azpiroz, Elena Setien, Jabi Moreno, Mike