W.I.S.H.? Why Is Santi Here?

W.I.S.H.? Why Is Santi Here?

Guillermo Domínguez Terry, Borja Alemán Bermudo
Why would an architect focusing on collective architecture and his studio Recetas Urbanas participate in Art Basel, the highest-selling international art fair? Does applying his radical methodology in Switzerland, one of the world’s richest countries, make any sense? What are the dynamics behind the contemporary art market, and furthermore, how does the market produce art? Through testimonials and conversations this documentary addresses controversial issues exploring the status quo of the current contemporary art market and its relation to society and culture.

Guillermo Domínguez Terry

Director, producer. Guillermo Domínguez studied Audiovisual Communication at San Pablo CEU University in Madrid. After graduating in 2011, he obtained a scholarship at the same University to work as a Teaching Assistant for two years while working in parallel on independent audiovisual projects in digital magazines, such as Muy Interesante, and entities such as the Master of Dermatology at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital. Subsequently, he worked for a year as professor of a practice-based course on audiovisual techinique at San Pablo CEU University. During his stay in Madrid, he also participated in different independet projects including the short films Sequence 27 (2010) and Cowboy (2014), and the university feature film Mysterious murder in the classroom (2013). After ten years studying and working in Madrid, he returned to his native Seville to embark on amodal, a multidisciplinary project that understanding creativity as an open field for cross-polination brings together design, audiovisuals, marketing and architecture. During three years at Amodal he developed and managed projects for national and international brands, W.I.S.H.? is his first feature film project as producer and director. Filmography: W.I.S.H.? Why Is Santi Here? (2021) Documentary - director, producer

Borja Alemán Bermudo

Director, producer. Borja Alemán studied Film Production at Néstor Almendros Institute in Tomares, Seville. After completing his studies in 2010 he moved to Madrid to continue studying Film and TV production at the NIC Instituto del Cine de Madrid. During those years he took part in his first productions such as the short films Sequence 27 (2010) and (In) Communication (2011) and the music video Dame otro besito for the music band Habana Abierta (2011). After his studies at the NIC, he worked as Production Assistant on his first film, Faro sin Isla (2014), an independent film produced in collaboration with fellow students, shot on the coast of Vigo, Spain. His first professional projects were developed as a Production Assistant in the production companies Intricate Productions and Magamedia, which he founded with fellow students in Barcelona and Costa Rica respectively. Since his return to Spain in 2015, he has freelanced in the production of a wide array of top-level audiovisual projects such us J de Saura, The trip to Spain, The white princess, Las chicas del cable, Es por tu bien, Gli orologi del diavolo, Lobo Feroz or Top Boy, with both, national and international companies in film, TV, advertising and series. W.I.S.H.?, is his first feature film project as producer and director. Filmography: W.I.S.H.? Why Is Santi Here? (2021) Documentary - director, producer

– Master of Art Film Festival 2021 (Bulgaria)
– The Fine Arts Film Festival 2021 (USA)

  • Original title W.I.S.H.? Why Is Santi Here?
  • Director Guillermo Domínguez Terry, Borja Alemán Bermudo
  • Duration 55
  • Production year 2021
  • Theme Arts & Culture
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Urban recipes
  • Dialogue language Spanish, English
  • Subtitle language Spanish, English