The Touristic Revolution

The Touristic Revolution

Pablo Alcántara, Rafa Alcántara
Tha last 80 years of progresive transformation made because of tourism, in society and in Putiusas territory, with the 30´s as starting point.

Pablo Alcántara

Director, Productor In 2005 he founded the company Pauxa SC dedicated to the development of all kind of videographic and multimedia projects. Pablo Alcántara, through his company, works as audiovisual producer, event manager, direct broadcasting, scripting, movie locations, video editing, animation, camera operating, web and graphic design, video projections and sound editing. Among his works we can highlight: - Vecinas (2012). Fiction. Short Film. Producer and Director of Photography. - La princesa i el plebeu (2014). Music Video. Director. Producer. - The Touristic Revolution (2014). Documentary. Feature Film. Director. Producer. Director of Photography.

Rafa Alcántara

Director He lives in Ibiza since 1984. Linked to painting since childhood through his mother, painter Maria Manzanares. He starts with free art at Cultura Viva workshops in Córdoba under the tutelage of artist Julia Valverde. The workshop concludes with his first group exhibition and the drawing of a book cover that is published to narrate the experience: 'Art as creative and natural language element of the child'. At sixteen he started working in the advertising agency PROGRAMARK in Cordoba, where he began his relationship with the world of communication and creativity. He started working on the production of advertising campaigns. Thus he had the first contact with radio. In 1984 he moved to Ibiza in search of new horizons. In 1985 he started working in radio station CADENA SER while continued with painting and developing new advertising campaigns in collaboration with print media. He also presented a Flamenco radio program titled: THE RECIPE FOR GAZPACHO. In 1990 he leaved radio and advertising to devote himself fully to: - The plastic arts: exhibitions, designs, posters, murals, decorations and scenery. - Cultural management: proposing and coordinating exhibitions and other socio-cultural events. - Pedagogy: performing activities, workshops and illustrated publications for children and youth in collaboration with different media, institutions and companies. He currently runs the companies TUIC (Tourism and Culture) and Cooperative Advertising Agency PUBLIDINAMIC. The documentary "The Touristic Revolution" is his first feature film (writer and director).

  • Original title La revolució turística
  • Director Pablo Alcántara, Rafa Alcántara
  • Duration 82 and 52
  • Production year 2014
  • Theme History, Social Issues
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Pauxa
  • Dialogue language Catalan, Spanish, English
  • Subtitle language English, Spanish