The Boy Who Wanted To Fly

The Boy Who Wanted To Fly

Jorge Muriel
In the Madrid of the 80s, Ivan, a five-year-old boy, is confronted with the birth of a new brother. His sister is dad´s favorite, the newborn is mom’s favorite. Which place does he take in this new situation? What if He could fly and escape?
Jorge Muriel is a pedagogue, director, actor, translator and generator of projects. Awarded with the Fulbright scholarship for the arts he has been trained in the most prestigious schools in Spain and North America. In cinema his first short film as a director, ZUMO DE LIMÓN, was nominated to the Goya in 2011 and his second short film, EL JARDÍN DE LAS DELICIAS, has numerous national and international awards. He is currently immersed in several theatrical productions and in the distribution of his third short film EL NIÑO QUE QUERÍA VOLAR. ZUMO DE LIMÓN 2010 EL JARDÍN DE LA DELICIAS 2014 EL NIÑO QUE QUERÍA VOLAR 2018

Nominee Best Fiction Short Film Premios Goya (Spain)

Premio Airen Award to Best Short Films Festival de Cine y Vino La Solana (Spain)

Audience Award Festival de Cortos Villa de La Orotava (Spain)

Audience Award Muestra de Cortometrajes Café – Corto (Spain)

Audience Award Best Short Films Festival de Cine de Madrid-PNR (Spain)

Honor Mention Rochester LGBT Film Festival – ImageOut (US)

Retina Con Igualdad Award Festival de Cine de Ponferrada

Public Award FiatiCorti (Italy)

Best Young Short Film Fan Chile Cortos (Chile)

Voyages of discovery Flickers First Prize Rhode Island Film Festival (US)

Telemadrid/La Otra Award Semana del Cortometraje de la Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

Best Young Short Film Semana de Cine de Medina del Campo (Spain)

  • Original title El niño que quería volar
  • Director Jorge Muriel
  • Duration 20
  • Production year 2018
  • Theme LGBT+
  • Aspect 16:9
  • Format DCP
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Fiction
  • Gender Drama
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Jaime Bartolomé PC
  • Dialogue language Spanish
  • Subtitle language English
  • Intérpretes Jorge Muriel, Sonia de la Antonia, Pilar Gómez, Mariana Cordero, Pablo Mérida, Lucía Braña