Streetkids United II – The Girls From Rio

Streetkids United II – The Girls From Rio

María Clara

The Brazilian girls' football team is followed as they prepare themselves for the tournament that will change their lives forever, the Street Child World Cup. In the midst of police and drug gangs confrontations the Favela Street Girls strive to keep their dreams alive.

Director, editor, producer. Maria Clara is a Director on the rise. She is a triple threat as a director, editor, and producer. Her credits include Spike Lee’s Summer with Sam and Bamboozled, Disappearing Acts, the Academy Award winning Election and advertising production for Saatchi & Saatchi. A native of Rio de Janeiro, she was a first assistant director at age seventeen working on various films and television projects in Brazil. She has worked with Fernando Meirelles, the director of City of God and his production company O2 Productions. Ms. Clara is a graduate of New York University’s prestigious Film Program.

Silver Punt Audience Award Best Documentary – 35th Cambridge Film Festival 2015 (UK)

Award for Best Documentary – 10th Marbella International Film Festival 2015 (Spain)

  • Original title Streetkids United II - The Girls From Rio
  • Director María Clara
  • Duration 77´ y 52´
  • Production year 2015
  • Theme Social Issues, Sports, Women
  • Format HD (720)
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Netherlands, Brazil
  • Producer Film & Music Entertainment, JaJa Film Productions, Total Entertainment
  • Dialogue language English, Portuguese
  • Subtitle language Spanish, English