Story of a Steering Wheel

Story of a Steering Wheel

Iban Toledo Ibañez, Iñaki Alforja Sagone
A forced disappearance doesn't only end with the life of the person who has disappeared, but generates, like the ripples of a stone thrown into water, an enormous emotional scar in their families and in society. In the early 1980s, José Miguel Etxeberria Álvarez, alias Naparra, a member of the Autonomous Anti-capitalist Commandos, was disappeared. Between crossed statements, numerous vindications and judicial indifference, his family will try to find an answer for his disappearance. More than forty years later, Eneko has taken up the baton of the search for his brother to close the wound that has remained open for so many years.

Iban Toledo Ibañez

His professional audiovisual career spans over two decades, during which he has worked as a TV news director, cameraman, and photography director in documentaries. Between 2009 and 2015, he worked in a communications agency, working on videos for corporate, institutions, advertising, and documentary videos. In 2015, he created On Produkzioak. He has taken part in some documentaries these last years. Filmography: Aralar, mundua leku den lurra Documentary - Director, Producer, Director of Photography Uda minean, Negua Documentary . Director, Director of Photography Ladakh, tibet txikia Documentary - Director, Director of Photography Pasaiako Badia Documentary - Director of Photography Ni, Arga Documentary - Director of Photography Ziordiko ilargia Documentary - Director of Photography Aulki hutsak Documentary - Director of Photography Malko gorriak, gerra zibila Aretxabaletan Documentary - Director of Photography 30 urte erdiko kaletik Documentary - Director of Photography

Iñaki Alforja Sagone

Director, Producer, Director of Photography Realizador independiente con 30 años de experiencia. Se especializa en el género documental, aunque también produce spots, vídeos corporativos, películas y videoclips con una marcada mirada social. Ha trabajado para productoras como Arena Comunicación, Kanaki films o 93 metros. Filmografía: Motxila 21 Live, Zuzenean, En vivo!! Documentary - Producer, Director of Photography Oskara Documentary - Co-director Sueños de Kathmandu Documentary - Director Ezkaba, la gran fuga de las cárceles franquistas Documentary - Producer, Director

– San Sebastian International Film Festival 2021 – Zinemira (Spain)

– Festival Internacional de Cine documental y cortos de Bilbao ZINEBI 2021 (Spain)

  • Original title Bolante baten historia
  • Director Iban Toledo Ibañez, Iñaki Alforja Sagone
  • Duration 90
  • Production year 2021
  • Theme History
  • Aspect 2:39:1
  • Format DCP
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Spain, France
  • Producer On Produkzioak, Iñaki Alforja, Vrai-Vray films
  • Dialogue language Spanish, Basque
  • Subtitle language Spanish, English, French, Basque