Running from Lost Time

Running from Lost Time

Cinthia V. Rajschmir
Roberto is a “calesitero” - a merry-go-round owner. Every day he starts a machine that rotates, defining the movement of the children on its platform, but at the same time inviting them to fly with their imagination. The merry-go-round integrates the lives of many generations of parents and grandparents who have seen their children grow and develop.

Audience Award – Certamen de Cortos 2da. Semana de Soria (Argentina)

Best Director – 2º Certamen de Cortos Julio Cortázar (Argentina)

Ojo de Piedra Award. Best Documentary Short Film – 10° Festival Tandil Cortos (Argentina)

Best Documentary Short Film – 8° Festival Latinoamericano de Cine de La Plata, FESAALP (Argentina)

Best Short Film – 8° Festival Nacional de Cine Cortala (Argentina)

Special Mention – Festival de Cine de Pehuajó. Festicine (Argentina)

Best Photography – 10° Festival Internacional de cine/corto de Tapiales (Argentina).

Special Mention – 5° Festival Cinematográfico “Visión Ribereña” (Argentina)

Best Documentary Short Film – Competition section from film schools (Argentina)

  • Original title Huyendo del tiempo perdido
  • Director Cinthia V. Rajschmir
  • Duration 6
  • Production year 2013
  • Theme Social
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Gender Social
  • Nationality Argentina
  • Producer Cinthia Rajschmir
  • Dialogue language Spanish
  • Subtitle language English