Kim Gázquez
Reality is a television show hosted by famous Alicia Ortega where people go to tell their private life. One of them is Saida, who backs out in the last minute and refuses to appear. Ana, the program's editor in chief, must convince her, no matter what it takes.

Best Short Film – Premio Ciudad de la Luz (Spain)

Best Short Film – Premio Fundación Alfredo Matas (Spain)

Best Short Film – Festival SCIFE 2008 (Spain)

  • Original title Reality
  • Director Kim Gázquez
  • Duration 13
  • Production year 2007
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Fiction
  • Gender Comedia, Drama
  • Nationality España
  • Producer Escándalo Films
  • Dialogue language Español
  • Subtitle language Inglés
  • Intérpretes Txe Arana, Lorena Castell, Bárbara García, Óscar Molina, Elsa Anka, Marga Pablo, Itziar Castro, Rufi Bravo, Ramnón