Robert van Wingerden, Victor van Vloten

An inspiring story about Paul, a 12-year-old boy from the township Dunoon in Capetown, South-Africa. Paul has a dream, a dream he thinks about the whole day; he wants to become a surfer. But for boys from Dunoon it's not easy to surf. There is no transport to the beach and there is no money for equipment.

Robert van Wingerden

Robert van Wingerden (1987) started as a freelance cameraman at various agencies after his studies. It wasn't long before he and Victor van Vloten started an advertising agency under the name Arteffects. He has specialized in cinematography and conceptualizing within the past years. In addition, as photographer and filmmaker he travels the world for the successful travel blog What About Her.

Victor van Vloten

Victor Johannes van Vloten (1983) started drawing upon entering primary school. At the age of nine he finished his first comic book. He has always been very intrigued by the movement of drawings and images on television and at a young age he was dedicated to become an animator. That was until his parents bought him a small camera. With that camera he discovered his real passion, making films. Since 2003 he has been active as a writer and director of films and documentaries. In 2004 he started the company Art Blanche, where he mostly worked on free projects with independent film-maker Rudolf Borgart. He founded Arteffects in 2009 together with Robert van Wingerden, a company with a more commercial approach. At Arteffects as a creative director he is responsible for concepts and directing, and he is able to carry out his love of film with great passion. In addition to his role at Arteffects, Victor works as a creative director at animation studio Supermassive. Here he is able to fulfill his childhood dream as an animator and still gets to see his drawings and ideas in motion.

Best Short Film – 20th Danish Adventure Film Festival (Denmark)

Nixon Viewers Choice Award – 5th Cologne Surf Film Festival (Germany)

  • Original title Paul
  • Director Robert van Wingerden, Victor van Vloten
  • Duration 15
  • Production year 2015
  • Theme Social Issues, Sports
  • Format HD (720)
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Netherlands, United Kingdom
  • Producer JaJa Film Productions, Arteffects
  • Dialogue language English
  • Subtitle language Spanish, Dutch, English