[Non] Human Person

[Non] Human Person

Alex Cuellar, Rafa G. Sánchez
Argentina. Sandra and Cecilia have spent all their lives locked up without committing any crime. A Spanish NGO fights for their release. The big inconvenient is that none of them are human, they are great apes.

Alex Cuellar

Director, screenwriter and producer. With a degree in History and Archeology and in Film Directing from the Alicante Ciudad de la Luz Film School, Alex has developed short film projects such as ‘R31’, ‘RIP. Renaix i Palpita’,‘Outside the Law’, co-directed with Rafa G. Sánchez. ‘[Non]-Human Person’ is his first feature film. Since 2014, he is co-founder of Runtun Films, where he works as a project coordinator.

Rafa G. Sánchez

Director and a scriptwriter. Graduated from the Catalan Film School. He is interested in social, political and technological issues. His most outstanding projects are the documentary short films 'R31', 'R.I.P.' and 'OUT OF LAW' in which he has been co-director with Alex Cuellar. His documentaries have been nominated and awarded in different national and international festivals. ‘[Non]-Human Person’ marks his debut in the feature film format thanks to the production company Dacsa Produccions.

– Seoul International Eco film Festival 2022 – Finalist International Competition (South Korea)
– CineAmbiente 2022 – Panorama Section (Italy)

  • Original title Persona [no] Humana
  • Director Alex Cuellar, Rafa G. Sánchez
  • Duration 108
  • Production year 2022
  • Theme Naturaleza, Derechos Humanos
  • Aspect 16:9
  • Format 2K
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Dacsa Productions, Bea Martínez
  • Dialogue language Spanish, English
  • Subtitle language Spanish, English, Catalán