Tanneguy O' Meara
A young woman deals with the strange disappearance of her traveling companions ... on a freeway rest area!
Tanneguy O'Meara was passionate about cinema from an early age. At 13, he founded a cine-club within his college and runs it for 3 years. At the same time, he joined a theater troupe for children, the Compagnie du Repertoire in which he played Poil de Carotte, Feydeau, Obaldia ... throughout France. After the baccalaureate, he joined the Esra Paris and graduated from the Director section. During the ten years that followed, he would practice all the jobs of the image, alternately editor, director of photography on a feature film, cameraman ... continuing to write and make personal films with the means of the edge. In 2010, he is the SACD-Beaumarchais winner for the screenplay of a series of police comedy. He founded the same year the production company Elma Productions, associated with producer Alain Le Cam. He then produces a fantastic short film of 30 minutes, L'ŒIL DU HIBOU, a three-year-long work. Three other short films follow .. including DEROUTE, first collaboration with screenwriter Vincent Arbez. He is currently working with him on a feature film script.

Best Foreign Short Award – Deep In The Heart Film Festival (2017)

Best Foreign Short Award – L.A. Neo NOir Festival (2017)

Best Noir Short Nominee – Genre Celebration Of Shangai (2017)

Semi-finalist – Cinema London Film Festival (2017)

  • Original title Déroute
  • Director Tanneguy O' Meara
  • Duration 13
  • Production year 2016
  • Aspect 2:35:1
  • Format DCP
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Fiction
  • Gender Drama
  • Nationality France
  • Producer Elma Productions
  • Dialogue language French
  • Subtitle language English
  • Intérpretes Marion Malenfant, Julie Delaurenti, Thomas Grascoeur