Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of Freedom

María José Anrubia Aparici, Rafael Arroyo Hinojosa
Those deprived of freedom are classified into being first, second or third degree. There are people who spend all their free time, for nothing material in exchange, visiting and helping prisoners return to freedom, return to the society they belong to.

María José Anrubia Aparici

Spain Director, Producer She has a degree in Economics and Business Studies with a Master's in Marketing from the University of Valencia. After gaining many years of experience in the business world, she took a documentary film course led by Joaquin Jordá at the the Society of Authors and Publishers of Valencia (SGAE). She made her first solo documentary short film and from there continued her training until 2008 when she created the production company Maor Producciones along with the director Rafael Arroyo. She has worked on institutional videos with Manos Unidas, Nasa, Embarcadero Cañas and Barro Albufera Valencia, Vinostrum wines from the Valencian Region. She is also Coordinator of the Cinema i Dona Festival of Valencia

Rafael Arroyo Hinojosa

Spain Director, Producer He studied Management at the University of Suffolk (Boston), where he did his first incursions in filmmaking and editing of short films. In 2008 he created Maor Producciones together with María José Anrubia.

  • Original title Grados de libertad
  • Director María José Anrubia Aparici, Rafael Arroyo Hinojosa
  • Duration 98
  • Production year 2015
  • Format Full HD (1080)
  • Category Feature Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Gender Drama
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Maor Producciones, Carrot Films
  • Dialogue language Spanish
  • Subtitle language Spanish, English