Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight

Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight

Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos
Aitana throws parties and parties at her fifteen floor rooftop in the madrilenian Gran Vía, hoping that the girl with wich she shared the madrilenian nights and that she is still in love with comes over to any party with her. A re-reading of Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby in the 2022 of the instagram, the Halloween costumes and madrilenian raves.

Aitana Ahrens

Aitana "Ahrens" Martínez studies the Film Direction degree in ECAM, Madrid, and also does animation in Palma de Mallorca's UIB, which grants her a particular vision on directing. She makes several shortfilms that mix fiction and experimental languages, like Plastic Touch (Best Disident Film in LesGai, Best Experimental Film in RVK Feminist Film Festival, Iceland).

Miguel Guindos

Miguel Guindos, based in Madrid, studies the Film Direction degree in ECAM. He graduates with Lupita From Now On (2021), which premieres in BUFF Mälmo, Sweden, and goes to +20 festivals, winning the Best Picture Award in Enkarzine and Zaragoza Film Festival. After that he codirects Cleo Is Coming Over Tonight, that grants them the Best Film (Roel de Oro) in Medina del Campo Film Festival and also premieres in the Official Section of D’A Film Festival.

  • -Semana de Cine Medina del Campo 2023  – Official Selection / National Premiere,  Gold Roel Award for Best Film (Spain)
  • -Festival de Málaga 2023 – Out of Competition (Spain)
  • -D’A Film Festival Barcelona 2023 – Official Selection (Spain)
  • Original title Cleo vendrá esta noche
  • Director Aitana Ahrens, Miguel Guindos
  • Duration 15
  • Production year 2023
  • Format DCP
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Fiction
  • Gender Drama
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Cinètica Produccions, AUCA Films
  • Dialogue language Spanish
  • Subtitle language English
  • Intérpretes Aitana Ahrens, Marina Pérez, Rosa Caldito, Prince Ezeanyim, Gonzalo Herrero, Leonor Segovia, Miguel Kantero