City Without Dreams

City Without Dreams

Alfonso Moral Rodriguez
"A City Without Dreams" takes place between Beirut (Lebanon) and Aleppo (Syria) and talks about the lost dreams of an entire Syrian generation in these two cities.
Alfonso Moral (1977, Valladolid, Spain) began his work in the Middle East and Central Asia in 2004. He has worked especially in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Bangladesh, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, etc., where he has carried out long-term photographic and video documentaries. He is co-founder of the documentary photography collective Pandora. He currently lives in Beirut.

Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation Film Award 2014.

Mediterranean Festival Bosnia. Seccion Oficial. 2014.

Festival Cine Invisible de Bilbao. 2014.

Cinespaña. Relizadores Españoles. Sección oficial. Tolousse 2014.

Sección panorama. Documenta Madrid. 2015

  • Original title Ciudad sin sueño
  • Director Alfonso Moral Rodriguez
  • Duration 22
  • Production year 2014
  • Theme Human Rights
  • Gender Social
  • Nationality España
  • Dialogue language Arab
  • Subtitle language English, French, Spanish