Catharsis with Marie-Lou Desmeules

Catharsis with Marie-Lou Desmeules

Javier Polo, Guillermo Polo
Getting plastered with the art world’s most unconventional plastic surgeon.

Javier Polo

Filmmaker, Director. Javier Polo is a young Valencian filmmaker who works mainly in the world of documentaries and advertising. Despite his youth, he has received several awards for his innovative work in diverse formats and he has shot films throughout 4 different continents. His sensitivity to music and to travel has influenced his life, from his early career till today, as it is shown in his first feature documentary Europe in 8 Bits.

Guillermo Polo

  • Original title Catharsis with Marie-Lou Desmeules
  • Director Javier Polo, Guillermo Polo
  • Duration 5
  • Production year 2018
  • Theme Arts & Culture
  • Format Full HD (1080)
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Fiction
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Los Hermanos Polo
  • Dialogue language English
  • Subtitle language Spanish
  • Intérpretes Marie-Lou Desmeules