Capelito – 26 Episodes

Capelito – 26 Episodes

Rodolfo Pastor
When Capelito cures a dragon with a cold, he is rewarded with a magic horse.
Rodolfo Pastor born in 1940 in La Pampa, Argentina. In 1972 he founded the production and distribution cooperative C.IN.E. (Children's Film Education). He made 26 shorts in different techniques and 2 half-animated films ("The Locomotive" and "Tito the Elefantito"). In 1977 he went into exile in Barcelona together with the illustrator and producer Petra Steinmeyer, where they set their current animation studio (Studio Rodolfo Pastor), specializing in clay animation and other techniques of stop-motion. Since then, they performed and produced together numerous commercial, institutional and educational animations and hundreds of animated segments for various programs of TVE and TV3, as "the world of Barney" and "Sesame Street". In 1981 they created the series "Letters from a Father". In 1985, they co-produced with TVE's "Shrimp" series for young audience. In 1990 Rodolfo Animatango made the short film, getting the ASIFA Prize at the Festival of Lleida ANIMAC 1999. In 2001 they ended the production of the first 26 episodes of the series Capelito. In 2006 they finished the 2nd season episodes 27-52, in coproduction with TV3 de Catalunya and with the support of ICIC. In 2007, the ERP produced with support from the ICAA and ICIC - the short "Nico and Tina", animated and directed by Rodolfo Pastor, and is part of the "ANIMATANGO". Rodolfo Pastor has been dedicated and is dedicated to teaching animation. And Rodolfo has been a member of the jury at the Festival of Animated Film Buenos Aires

– Best Animation – International Festival of Film and Video for Children Isfahan 1999  (Irán)

– Best Pilot for a Tv Series – ANNECY 1999 (France)

– United Natios Award – Children´s World TV Forum Barcelona 2000 (Spain)

– “Golden Cairo” from the Internationsl Jury – Children´s Film Festival Cairo 2002 (Egypt)

– First Prize from the Children´s Jury – Children´s Film Festival Cairo 2002 (Egypt)

– Best Animation for Children – Río de Janeiro AnimaMundi 2002 (Brazil)

– Best Animation for Children – Sâo Paulo AnimaMundi 2002 (Brazil)

– Voted as their favourite film by the kids audience –  MIAF 2002 (Australia)

– Voted as their favourite film by the kids audience during the – Stuttgart Animation Festival 2002 (Germany)

– Best Animation for Children – Goldfish Festival 2003 (Russia)

– Best Animation for TV – AniFest 2003 (Prague)

– ASIFA Special Mention – FILMETS Badalona 2003 (Spain)

– Best Animated Series – 9th Matatena Film Festival for Children 2004 (México)

– Third place BEST SCRIPT – Anima Mundi 2006 (Brazil)

– Golden Gate for the Best Narrative Short Form – San Francisco International Film Festival 2007 (USA)

  • Original title Capelito
  • Director Rodolfo Pastor
  • Duration 26 x 5´
  • Production year 2007
  • Theme Kids & Youth
  • Category Serie
  • Subcategory Animation
  • Gender Comedy
  • Nationality Spain, Argentina, France, Japan
  • Producer Estudio Rodolfo Pastor
  • Dialogue language No dialogues