Becoming LEV

Becoming LEV

Jamillah van der Hulst, Thomas Roos
The short documentary film Becoming LEV tells the inspiring story of Valerii, a young boy from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Valerii has one dream; to become a professional football player just like Evgeniy Levchenko (LEV). It takes dedication, passion and family to reach this goal. Valerii had a rough start in life but thanks to his supporting foster family he is able to dream again. The production of Becoming LEV was made possible through a unique collaboration between many organizations and individuals with the aim to tell an inspiring and gripping story about the importance of family, the right to play and future goals for young children.

Jamillah van der Hulst

Director and producer. Founds JaJa Film Productions in 2012 after a career in communications working for international NGOs. As a producer of feature and documentary films Jamillah rapidly develops an interest in directing films. She directs some well received 1-minute films and the documentary series Women with a Mission, which is broadcasted by TLC. In 2018 Jamillah delivers her first long documentary film, Fighting for Life, as a director. Her directorial debut is awarded the Peace and Sport Documentary Prize at the prestigious SPORTEL Awards in Monaco and the Guirlande d’Honneur at the Sport Movies & TV – Milano International FICTS Fest. As a director and a producer, Jamillah is driven by bringing inspirational and eye opening stories to the audience. Her stories are about people who try to get the best out of themselves or who try to be meaningful to others and about environmental issues that are crucial for the future of mankind. Her films will touch you, give you something to think about or get you in motion.

Thomas Roos

Thomas Roos only discovered his love for filmmaking during his studies at university. At age 22, he registers himself as an independent cinematographer and producer, and starts producing, directing and shooting various music videos, commercials, and short films. His documentary skills were discovered by VSO, an international NGO, and Thomas then starts to do assignments worldwide, covering development aid projects in countries like Nepal, Cambodia, and Ethiopia. His work there was the foundation for yearly fundraising campaigns that also aired on Dutch and UK television channels. In his directing and camera work, Thomas puts the human aspect first, focusing on a strong connection with the person in front of the lens. His ultimate goal is to make the filmmaking process a meaningful and enjoyable experience with deeper meaning for both the viewer and the creative team. Thomas has directed and shot several TV campaigns and short films, and his goal is to keep meeting inspiring people through his work, and to keep sharing their inspiration with the world.

– Sport Film Festival Rotterdam 2019 – Rotterdam Sport Film Award (Netherlands).
– International Film Festival Rotterdam 2020 – Official Selection (Netherlands).
– International Festival of Sport Movies KRASNOGORSKI 2020 – Best Hero Award (Russia).

  • Original title Becoming LEV
  • Director Jamillah van der Hulst, Thomas Roos
  • Duration 17
  • Production year 2019
  • Theme Human Rights, WomenSports
  • Format Full HD (1080)
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Documentary
  • Nationality Netherlands
  • Producer JaJa Film Productions
  • Dialogue language Russian
  • Subtitle language English
  • Intérpretes Lev, Valerii