A Few, Good & Confident

A Few, Good & Confident

Ales Payá, Gorka Lasaosa
A common prisoner faces the toughest prison regime at the end of the Spanish dictatorship. Running away from the hostility and alienation of the prison population, he will find a more liberating opportunity than his own escape.

Ales Payá

Director, producer Multidisciplinary filmmaker, producer and director of several titles including "La cifra negra" documentary that won as Best Film at San Sebastian Film and Human Rights Festival 2018, "La doctrina de las pelotas asesinas" animated short film awarded at the Film Festival for Human Rights Colombia 2020 and Arkam Awards 2021. Filmography: Poco, buenos y seguros (2022) Short Film - codirector, producer La doctrina de las pelotas asesinas (2019) Animated Short Film - codirector La cifra negra (2018) Documentary - director

Gorka Lasaosa

Director, actor Actor in more than 20 series including his latest roles in Narcos Mexico, Amar es para siempre, El Caso and in several films such as Yo soy la Juani by Bigas Luna and La mujer ilegal by Ramón Térmens. From 2014 he began his career as a theater director in Las mejores ocasiones, Mata a tu alumno, Siameses y oscuridad, obtaining with all of them, a resounding critical and box office success. Filmography: Pocos, buenos y seguros (2022) Short Film - codirector

– Festival de Cine Sant Joan D’alacant – Official Selection (Spain)
– Festival de Cine de Lanzarote – Official Selection (Spain)
– Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Elche – Official Selection (Spain)
– FILMETS – Official Selection (Spain)
– Festival Internacional de Cine Pequeño – Official Selection (Spain)
– In-FCTA. Festival de Cinema a la Terra Alta – Official Selection (Spain)
– Cerdanya Film Festival – Official Selection (Spain)
– Festival de Cortometrajes de Calahorra ¡¡CORT…en!! – Official Selection (Spain)
– Donosskino. Festival de Cortometrajes de Donostia – Official Selection (Spain)
– Biopic Short Fest – Official Selection (Spain)
– Premios Fugaz – Nominated Best Art Direction (Spain)

  • Original title Poco, Buenos y Seguros
  • Director Ales Payá, Gorka Lasaosa
  • Duration 20
  • Production year 2022
  • Aspect 2:35:1
  • Format 4K
  • Category Short Film
  • Subcategory Fiction
  • Gender Action, Drama
  • Nationality Spain
  • Producer Empatik Films, Intemperie Producciones, Buho 44
  • Dialogue language Spanish, French
  • Subtitle language Spanish, English
  • Intérpretes Alex Moreu, Albert Adrià, Gorka Lasaosa, Pau Poch, Biel Montoro