White Planet

Aymar del Amo

62' | 2013 | Spain
VO: Catalan ... | Subt: English

Drama  |  Action

8 public score (2 votes)


A documentary about the first handicapped expedition to conquer the South Pole following in the last steps of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton. The main characters are Jesus Noriega, Eric Villalon and Xavier Valbuena who joined for this incredible adventure, a story about the ability of the disabled, solidarity and willingness of human overcoming.


Eric Villalón, Xavier Valbuena, Jesús Noriega

  • Original Title: Planeta Blanc

    Director: Aymar del Amo

    Sort by Running Time: 62'

    Year of production: 2013

  • Category: Documentary

    Genre/Theme: Drama , Action

    Distribuidora: Zucre Films

    Nationality: Spain

    Productora: Zucre Films

  • Language of dialogues: CatalanSpanish

    Otros idiomas: Catalán

    Subtitle language: English

    Otros subtitulos: español

    Movie Rating: Suitable for all audiences


Tag: Nature, Snow, Disability, Travels, Expeditions, Mountaineering, Cold, European cinema

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Aymar del Amo Spain

Aymar del Amo (Barcelona, 1978) has been working as a documentary film editor for the past 10 years on awards winning projects shown at several international festivals. His career as a director started with the co-directed and co-edited feature film 200 Km, which was selected for the San Sebastián Film Festival, among others. He has collaborated on cultural programs for Spanish public television, NGOs and international production companies. He has recently produced and directed his first solo project Planeta Blanc about the first expedition of handicapped people to reach the South Pole, featuring music by the singer Macaco.

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