Looking at One's Belly

Ana Álvarez-Ossorio
Pilar Gómez

61' | 2011 | Spain
VO: Spanish

Drama  |  Social issues

7.2 public score (6 votes)


A 34-year-old woman analyses maternity nowadays. She investigates on the experience of having a baby, and why is so difficult to take the decision for women today, even when maternity is an unquestionable destination for the majority of the women. Only it is difficult for her or is the sign of our time? Always was it like that? She looks around it and she begins her personal trip, an interior tour. It needs to share her worry to verify what is happening to the others. Her relatives and friend will speak with her trying to discover because she has not been a mother till now.

  • Original Title: Mirarse el ombligo

    Director: Ana Álvarez-Ossorio
    Pilar Gómez

    Sort by Running Time: 61'

    Year of production: 2011

  • Category: Documentary

    Genre/Theme: Drama , Social issues

    Distribuidora: Agencia Freak

    Nationality: Spain

    Productora: El Mandaito Producciones

  • Language of dialogues: Spanish

    Movie Rating: Not recommended for children under the age of seven


Tag: Pregnancies, Birth, Interviews, Women, Women in film, European cinema

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Ana Álvarez-Ossorio Spain Director and Editor

Director and Editor of Voces sin Nombre (Voices without Names), a short documentary included in a Long Documentary Film named Tebraa: retratos de mujeres saharauis (Tebraa: Portraits of Saharan women). Editor of Andalucía es su nombre (Andalusia is its name), 13 documentary programs, produced by Media Sur 
Director and Editor of the Making-of of the recording of the Andalusian Anthem’s CD, produced by El Mandaíto Producciones, editor of Sobrevivir a la selva (To Survive in the Jungle), produced by VIVAC y Canal Sur TV.

Pilar Gómez Spain Actress, production asistant and coach

She is a very fruitful actress, and also has worked as Production Asistant in several ocassions in documentaries (Mi Huelva tiene una Ría, 2007) and tv programs, Saca la plata and Arrayán. She works also as coach for young actors in movies like Masala, and in TV Series, like Física o Química or HKM. Mirarse el Ombligo is her first documentary as director.

Other films by the director in Feelsales

Feelsales | Agastia, 36, bajo exterior; 28027, Madrid; Spain

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