Caipirinhas en Ipanema

Antonio Hernández Centeno

7' | 2013 | Spain
VO: Spanish | Subt: English

Comedy  |  LGBT  |  Romance

6.5 public score (2 votes)


Antonio argues with his partner while they are visiting a European city. In the middle of a square, while his boy asks for a coffee, a little kid approaches him and right behind him, the father... An encounter that will mark him forever, return his trust in love and make him dream of Caipirinhas in Ipanema.


Félix Gómez, Miguel Diosdado, Fernando Gómez, Darío López

  • Original Title: Caipirinhas en Ipanema

    Director: Antonio Hernández Centeno

    Sort by Running Time: 7'

    Year of production: 2013

  • Category: Fiction

    Genre/Theme: Comedy, LGBT, Romance

    Distribuidora: Agencia Freak

    Nationality: Spain

    Productora: Antonio Hernández Centeno

  • Language of dialogues: Spanish

    Subtitle language: English

    Movie Rating: Not recommended for children under the age of twelve


Tag: Couples, Love, Gay, European cinema

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Antonio Hernández Centeno Spain Filmmaker who divides his work between the worlds of theater and television.

As a playwright, he has staged numerous plays that he also authored: Cinco, Fin, Combatientes, El día que te vi and El día que nació Issac. Likewise, his writing has been put on by different directors both within Spain and abroad. As a TV screenwriter, he has worked on numerous television series. He got training experience on Al salir de la clase and from there he made the leap to the world of TV movies, with such films as: El camino de Víctor, Paquirri, La Duquesa 1-2, Mi Gitana. He decided to venture into short film and his first work is Caipirinhas en Ipanema.

Other films by the director in Feelsales

Feelsales | Agastia, 36, bajo exterior; 28027, Madrid; Spain

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