The Tiple

Iván D. Gaona

17' | 2013 | Colombia
VO: Spanish | Subt: English


7.8 public score (8 votes)


Pastor's wife Veronica has become ill in bed so he decides to sell his musical instrument (the tiple) secretly in order to buy the medicines she needs. After he sells it, Pastor arrives at home heartbroken but he finds his wife in a better health condition. Veronica asks Pastor to play her a song with the instrument, so he'll do what it takes to get it back.


Pastor Moncada Pardo, Verónica Romero de Moncada, Gladys Garzón, Luz Marina Moncada Romero

  • Original Title: El tiple

    Director: Iván D. Gaona

    Sort by Running Time: 17'

    Year of production: 2013

  • Category: Documentary, Fiction

    Genre/Theme: Drama

    Distribuidora: Agencia Freak

    Nationality: Colombia

    Productora: La banda del carro rojo

  • Language of dialogues: Spanish

    Subtitle language: English


Tag: Family, Poverty, Rural, Music, Latinamerican Cinema

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Iván D. Gaona Colombia, 1980 Director, Productor

After finishing his civil Engineering studies, he studied Films and Television in the National University of Colombia. He has worked as assistant director in films such as Los Viajes del Viento and La Playa D.C. He directed the television series El Laberinto of Caracol and Sony Pictures Television, and currently prepares his first feature film with his production company La Banda del Carro Rojo Producciones.

Other films by the director in Feelsales

Feelsales | Agastia, 36, bajo exterior; 28027, Madrid; Spain

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