Sunset Day

J.A. Durán

15' | 2012 | Spain
VO: English | Subt: Spanish

Drama  |  Action  |  Science Fiction  |  Historical

7.7 public score (3 votes)


The 40s. A boy with special abilities is kidnapped by a mysterious organization named The Corp. After years of training, this boy, now a full member of The Corp, will be forced to make a decision. How far will he go to get his past back?


Ramon Novell, Laura Motos, Jordi Llordella, José María Blanco.

  • Original Title: Sunset Day

    Director: J.A. Durán

    Sort by Running Time: 15'

    Year of production: 2012

  • Category: Fiction

    Genre/Theme: Drama , Action , Science Fiction, Historical

    Distribuidora: Freak Independent Film Agency

    Nationality: Spain

    Productora: Antártida

  • Language of dialogues: English

    Subtitle language: Spanish

    Movie Rating: Not recommended for children under the age of seven


Tag: Childhood, Apocalyptic, Time


Best Promotional Teaser Award, Cinemad Festival (Spain)

Best Short Film, Fantastic and Horror Cinema Week of Girona (Spain)

Best Script, Almeria en corto International Short Film Festival (Spain)

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Director's Bio and Filmography
J.A. Durán Spain

J.A. Duran is a Director focused on new media and technologies. He started his studies at ESCAC (Barcelona film school) and specialized in editing and postproduction. Although his background was basically traditional (meaning working with film, 16mm and 35mm) he quickly embraced the emerging digital technologies applied to filmmaking. Nowadays, one of the most characteristic elements of his style is the use of 3D and special effects in their stories, used to develop the narrative of the film, adding a very distinctive visual value to their creations.
J.A. Duran has worked on numerous commercials, music videos and directed two short films, Sonata in Motion and Sunset Day. Currently, he has conducted the first educational film in stereoscopic 3D out Spain, 3D Power premiered in theaters.

Other films by the director in Feelsales

Feelsales | Agastia, 36, bajo exterior; 28027, Madrid; Spain

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