Phase Two

Fran Gil-Ortega
Andrea Gómez

3' | 2012 | Spain
VO: Spanish | Subt: English

Comedy  |  Drama

7 public score (1 votes)


When you buy a flat, construction's phases are never in time. Everybody knows it. There's no worry…


Fran Gil-Ortega, Andrea Gómez

  • Original Title: Segunda fase

    Director: Fran Gil-Ortega
    Andrea Gómez

    Sort by Running Time: 3'

    Year of production: 2012

  • Category: Fiction

    Genre/Theme: Comedy, Drama

    Nationality: Spain

    Productora: Fran Gil-Ortega & Andrea Gómez

  • Language of dialogues: Spanish

    Subtitle language: English

    Movie Rating: Not recommended for children under the age of eighteen


Tag: Couples, Fraud, Economic crisis, European cinema


First Accesit - V Concurso de Cortometrajes dedicado al “Derecho a la vivienda” de la Universidad de Murcia (Spain) 

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Fran Gil-Ortega Spain Filmmaker, Screenwriter

Bachelor of Communication Studies and postgraduate Masters in New Technologies at San Pablo CEU University. He graduated in Acting Studies at Madrid Film Institute (NCI) and after that he decided to expand his training, carrying on his studies and getting a Film Direction diploma at the same school.
Among many other works should be highlighted: Aguanta (2010), which is his first professional short film and won the special prize of the public in the Film Festival Ciudad Real. His second short was Perrito Chino, starring by Rosario Pardo and Ana de Armas.
On the other hand, he direct the serie Manga por hombro for Antena and Neox. 

Andrea Gómez Spain Director, Screenwriter

Since 2009, Andrea Gómez is the founding partner as well as the headmistress of production in Tocalasam. S.L. Among many other works it deserves to be mentioned three electioneering in favor of “Izquierda Unida”, several video-clips for the group called Canteca of Macao, and some advertising campaigns like Tengo un mito para tí, for the foundation Atenea, which has won two advertising awards.

In the fiction section, is noteworthy the short  Independence (2010). As scriptwriter, it worths to be named 036 (2011) winner of 17 national and international awards between 2011 and 2012.


Other films by the director in Feelsales

Feelsales | Agastia, 36, bajo exterior; 28027, Madrid; Spain

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