Open Door - Episode 6 The Afghans

Mehmet M. Polat

50' | 2017 | Turkey
VO: German ... | Subt: English

Social issues  |  Historical

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The start or relation between Turkey and Afghanistan started with the 1982 invasion of the Soviet Union. In mass numbers the Afgan people migrated to Pakistan This episode, based on people who itnessed the migration tells the story of how Turkoman, Uzbek, Pamir Kirghiz, Kazhaks were brought to Turkey. Filmed in Turkey and Afghanistan, the documentary tells the journey, their current lives and their aclamation. Included in this episode are interviews with leaders and policy makers of this exodus.

  • Original Title: Open Door - Episode 6 The Afghans

    Director: Mehmet M. Polat

    Sort by Running Time: 50'

    Year of production: 2017

  • Category: Documentary

    Genre/Theme: Social issues, Historical

    Nationality: Turkey

    Productora: BirandYapim

  • Language of dialogues: GermanEnglishTurkish

    Subtitle language: English


I want to open my eyes to the world, I am engaged in social and/or political issues


Tag: War, Turkey, History, Middle East

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Director's Bio and Filmography
Mehmet M. Polat Turkey

Born in 1971 in Istanbul, Turkey. He graduated from BA in Radio and Televison from Istanbul University. He produced numerous documentaries, TV Shows and Company films. Between the years 1996-2014 he was the producer of Turkey’s longest running news show 32.Gün (32.Day).

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